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Your Guide to Solving Any Bee Problem in Just a Few Hours

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Searching for “honey bee removal Dallas?”

You're not alone. From late spring to early fall, honey bees become a serious nuisance as their colonies grow in size at a tremendous rate.

Just one single hive here in the Dallas area can have between 30,000 to 50,000 bees. These bees are actually quite remarkable creatures. But as they begin to invade our own homes, businesses and outdoor living areas, they can become troublesome pests.

Not surprisingly, many local residents go online to search for “honey bee removal Dallas” at this time of year. 

Chances are you are dealing with the same problems everyone else is...

  • Hives being built inside walls, the attic, garage or other spots inside the home.
  • Swarms of bees invading patios, pool areas, front porches or bushes next to busy walkways.
  • Fears of someone getting seriously hurt and swarmed by hundreds of bees at once.
  • People already being stung after accidentally disturbing the hive.
  • Urgent dangers of someone who is allergic to stings being swarmed.
  • Piles of dead bees throughout the home, staining carpets and walls.

The list goes on and on.

Even though honey bees play such an important role in nature, they can pose many dangers when their interests conflict with humans'. 

That doesn't mean you have to live with this problem, “wait it out” until winter, or risk being stung by trying to get rid of the bees yourself. 

By hiring a skilled honey bee removal Dallas - based company, you can have skilled professionals take care of the problem for you, quickly removing the honey bees and the hive in just a few short hours.

Use the information below as a quick guide to finding the best bee control company in the Dallas area, and what you should do immediately if you have a hive in your property.

Important First Steps to Honey Bee Removal Dallas

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Before you even look for a professional “honey bee removal Dallas” company, there are a few things you can do to help prevent the chance of being stung or making the situation worse than it already is.

Here's what to do:

  1. Leave the hive alone.
    Honey bees typically won't bother you unless they see you as a threat. You can avoid being stung by simply keeping your distance from the hive (and not swatting at the bees).

    If the hive is located within your home, such as a garage, make every effort to avoid that space until the bee control specialists can come fix the problem. Similarly, if the hive is outside, next to a walkway or under a porch, use an alternative route to prevent the chance of being stung.

  2. Tell others where the hive is located.
    Make sure everyone in your home knows where the hive is located, so they can keep their distance as well. Often, children are stung badly simply because they didn't know the hive was there, and they played too close, fell right into it or knocked it with a ball.

    If the hive is in a public space, you may even want to put up a small sign nearby to warn people of its location and let them know that a professional honey bee removal Dallas company will be on the way.

  3. Don't attempt to remove the hive yourself.
    We understand your frustration, especially if the hive is located in a busy location, like a bush next to a public walkway. You just want to destroy the hive and be done with it. But this is NOT the right way to fix the problem!

Using any amateur methods to “exterminate” the hive will simply not work and you'll only increase the risk of being stung. This includes using bee-killing sprays, hosing the hive with water, throwing rocks at it or knocking it with long objects. Save yourself the trouble and let the pros take care of it!

How to Find the Best Honey Bee Removal Dallas Company

As you begin searching for “honey bee removal Dallas ,” here are a few things to look for to ensure that you hire the right person for the job.

  • Significant experience & knowledge on bee control in the Dallas area
  • Professional beekeeping services, so the honey bees can be captured easily (without exterminating them) and transferred to a local apiary
  • Complete removal of both the bees and the hive itself, as well as any necessary repairs to areas where the hive was located
  • Prompt service in just a day or less
  • Friendly, courteous staff who answer your questions and are committed to your satisfaction

Call the Pros at Bee Removal Dallas!

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Need immediate assistance with your bee problem?

Bee Removal Dallas is here to help!

We are a highly skilled honey bee removal Dallas  – based company. We specialize in removing all forms of bees and wasps for homes and businesses throughout the Dallas area. As professional beekeepers, in addition to bee control specialists, we do our best to save the bees, collecting them with specialized equipment, including bee vacs and bee boxes.

When you call our bee removal experts, we'll come to your home or business right away – often the same day you call us – to remove both the bees and the hive, quickly, safely and professionally.

Call us today to finally get rid of those annoying honey bees!

Talk to our bee control experts by calling (214) 295-9703 and discover more on honey bee removal in Dallas .


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