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Beehive Dallas TX | How Do I Get Rid of a Beehive in My Backyard?

If you typed “Beehive Dallas TX” into Google or Yahoo, then you probably already know how much of a nuisance bees can be at this time of the year.

During the warmer months, countless residents in the Dallas area find hives on their properties. Like them, you're wondering, “How do I get rid of a beehive in my backyard?” The bees are invading your space, making it difficult for you to enjoy your deck or patio. Your children aren't able to play in the backyard without the risk of being badly stung. Perhaps you're even unable to do yard work or mowing without disturbing the hive.

Some residents searching for “beehive Dallas TX” may even have a hive inside their home – such as in an attic, in the garage or even inside the walls of their home.

Use the tips below for ways to effectively remove the hive, so you can go back to enjoying your space this summer.

Tips for Common Beehive Dallas TX Problems

1) Contact a professional bee control company.
The best way to get rid of a beehive in your backyard is to call professionals who are trained in bee control. They have the experience, skills and equipment to promptly remove both the bees and the hive. Unless you have proper training and equipment to remove the hive yourself, then it's almost guaranteed that you'll be stung, regardless of the methods you use. Leave it to the professionals to completely solve your “beehive Dallas TX” problem, and no one will get hurt.

2) If there are honey bees, contact a beekeeper.
Honey bees are very beneficial creatures that play an important role in farming and honey production. Whenever possible, these bees should be saved, rather than exterminated. Call a professional beekeeper, or a bee control company that specializes in beekeeping, to have the bees collected and transferred to a local bee apiary.

3) Make every attempt to stay away from the hive.
As you wait for your beehive Dallas TX expert to arrive, keep your distance from the hive to avoid any chance of being stung. Bees will generally not bother you unless you bother them. But even an “accident” can cause the bees to see you as a threat. For example, a child gets too close or accidentally hits the hive with a ball, the bees are likely to sting. Avoid any possible danger by staying away from the area where the hive is located, and instruct others to do the same.

4) Late fall? Winter?
If the cold seasons have already come, then it’s likely that the bee colony has already died and left the hive. In this case, it may be safe to attempt to remove the hive yourself. Inspect the area carefully for bees to ensure that the hive is empty. If you're unsure, the safest bet is to call the professionals.
Beehive Dallas TX | Beehive In The Home

Professional Beehive Dallas TX Removal Company

Bee Removal Dallas is your local bee control company, specializing in fast, effective beehive removal for residents in the Dallas area.

If you have a beehive on your property, let our skilled professionals get rid of it for you. As professional beekeepers in addition to pest control experts, we have significant experience with all types of bees and can often remove the beehive the same day you call us. We also offer repairs of any damages caused by the hive, and we guarantee the satisfaction of every customer.

For immediate assistance with your beehive, call us at (214) 295-9703.

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